'City Nights'

Shot by: Hannah Mae Clark
Hair & Make up: Jessa Vargas
Styling/Creative Direction: Sarah Gouge
  Locations: Lion Coffee + Records  / Night Tales East london


The best love story of all…….the one with yourself. 


Your driven by wanderlust and a spirit for adventure. That carefree excited feeling when you hit a new city exploring the streets in your favourite look, your boots turning up dust as you go. Feeling your best as you drink in new sights, sounds and smells. Hearing new voices, sharing new stories and tasting the adventure to come. 

As the sun sets painting the sky you head out for dinner and drinks. Watching the pulsating, neon city lights twinkle and dance on the sea.  

Then its on to cocktails, dancing and inhibitions really get pushed aside. The night is young as are you. Write your own story. The best love story of all…..the one with yourself.


This is City Nights


A fun and sexy collection designed for the adventurous, confident, curious babe who is always seeking out travel and adventure. The 16 piece collection made with one-off talisman sourced from my travels around the world and hand crafted into unique pieces in my studio based in Hackney, East London. 


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In Honour Of My Dad


Sadly during the build up to the launch of this collection I lost my Dad very unexpectedly.

I'd like to dedicate this collection to you Pappa.

I love and miss you more than words can say.

You always were and always will be in my heart


I Love You <3

Sarah xoxo