Nostalgic Feather Jewellery is the creation of Jewellery Designer Sarah Gouge. Nostalgic Feather was established and launched online in 2014 from Sarah's London home.

The pieces symbolise adornments from nostalgic moments, the ultimate muses and happenings of times gone by that we cherish. The collections are all lovingly handcrafted in London, sometimes using materials sourced from around the world whilst on some of Sarah's Global adventures . Designs are either all handmade by Sarah or items like chains, stones etc are responsibly sourced by Sarah. Each collection compliments the other. Often using precious and semi-precious stones making each piece timeless, unique and sometimes perfectly imperfect.

NF's vision is about lifting women up and allowing your goddess energy to flow, celebrating your individuality and encouraging you glow and feel confident and empowered.

Nostalgic Feather is not season specific. Designs are made in mind to become part of your everyday style and identity. The focus is on what the individual makes it

Pieces are perfect for layering or unique on their own. Each piece is personal and NF encourages personal style.

Nostalgic Feather produces only ever very small quantities or made to order pieces.

NF is made to last and stay with you, creating meaningful pieces that can last for years to come. 

Your items will arrive in beautifully branded recycled boxes and/or hand-stamped reusable linen drawstring bags ♻️

"Travel is a key part to my life and as to where I draw my inspirations. Nostalgic Feather is the nostalgia you have for all those great times, great memories that you will always appreciate. I want to create pieces that tell a story, that have meaning and soul to the wearer. I want your NF piece to feel like you have found a piece of treasure. Each piece made through intuition, feelings and passion, really connecting you to each piece"  Sarah’s style has a fresh twist on elegant boho with a spiritual edge and a little RnR.


Within the first week of launching Nostalgic Feather reached an international  audience.

Clientele include Kate Moss, Lilly Sabri, Laura Whitmore, Melodi Meadows, Mimi Elashiry, Sara Waiste, Jamie Kidd and can be found in pages of Sticks And Stones Magazine, HUF Magazine, C Heads Magazine and New! Magazine.