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New Moon In Aries Manifesting 2022

New Moon In Aries Manifesting 2022

1 minute read

It's a fresh new month, and a fresh new moon. This is a magical and inspiring time feathers!

The powerful new moon in Aries is the perfect time to write down and set out your intentions and get hyper-focused on all your desires. 

This strong energy invites us to be bold and courageous as we aim towards our highest goals.

Be open to change and this new moon can open so many opportunities for us.

Not only should you be writing down your intentions and deepest desires, lighting white candles and burning bay leaves, but you must also take action and show the universe you mean business.

Today is a great day to start something new. Whether you want to start a business or apply for a new job, or buy a house. Today is the day!

There will always be little shakes to try and knock you off and the joining of Saturn and Mars may bring a little conflict, but be confident in your foundation and keep moving.

What are you creating this month?


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