Mother's Day Jewellery Selection

Mother's Day Jewellery Selection

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Are you searching for an extra special something to gift your Mam this Mother's Day? Something she can keep and enjoy for years to come?

The beauty of Nostalgic Feather jewellery is it's handmade by myself (Hi! 👋 ) and in limited quantities, meaning your goddess Mother will be wearing something that hardly anyone else has. She is like no other and doesn't she deserve to feel extra special. 

Here is a carefully selected collection of the most meaningful pieces perfect for the powerful goddess who raised you

Cinta Necklace


The Cinta necklace is from the Bali collection, Cinta meaning 'Love' in Indonesian. It's a beautiful, simple and elegant piece with freshwater pearls

Me & You Necklace

me & you

This sweet necklace features two hearts with a crossbow inside a bigger heart. It's the perfect way to show how much you love her and how close your hearts are and nothing can break that bond. My Mam herself has this piece and it's one of her favourite pieces that she wears all the time

Oval Crystal Earrings


These lovely little earrings are simple, elegant and will work with any look. They are made on a 14k gold filled wire that won't cause any irritation 

The Goddess Bangle

One Of my personal favourites, the goddess bangle is made on a 12k yellow gold filled wire that is 3mm thick. I find it the perfect dainty bangle to wear daily and you can layer it with other pieces. It's beautiful in the sun, and gives me such warrior goddess vibes. I love it!

This piece is made to order 

Twisted Pearl Earrings 

twisted earrings

Each pair come out a little different due to them being handmade so they really are one of a kind and each unique. Made on 14k gold filled wire with freshwater pearls

Made to order

Unity Ring


A beautiful 9ct yellow gold band ring. Simple and great for stacking, also lovely on it's own. My one never comes off.

Made to order

You can shop the Mother's Day Selection HERE


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