May Birthstone: Emerald

May Birthstone: Emerald

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Emerald is the beautiful green birthstone of May. Known as a precious stone that is even rarer than diamonds.

Not only the May birthstone but also the gemstone given for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

They were first mined in Egypt around 15oobc and were often buried with Mummies to symbolise eternal youth.

Emeralds open up the heart chakra and evoke rebirth and renewal. It brings a sense of joy, rejuvenation and recovery to the downtrodden. 

Often used by magicians and mystics, emeralds increase psychic sensitivity and clairvoyance. Most effective when worn over the heart, on the right arm and on the ring finger or little finger.

Emerald Infinity Necklace

Emerald Infinity Necklace


Delicate emerald faceted stone wire wrapped chain with a hammered triangle gold tone pendant sourced from France. 14k gold filled chain extension.  1% of this order will be donated to the Greeneration Foundation. Contributing towards greener behaviours & better environmental practises within… read more

Emerald Gold T-Bar Bracelet

Emerald Gold T-Bar Bracelet


Delicate emerald faceted stone wire wrapped chain with a solid 14k gold filled T-bar fastening.  DETAILS & SIZE Gold plated on sterling silver wire chain with emerald faceted stones   14K gold filled toggle and bar fastener Handmade Precious Stone Measurement:… read more

It is believed that wearing Emerald jewellery fends off negativity and provides strength to overcome every problem in life.

Emeralds are equally beautiful as they are powerful. Known for their calming effects and promoting focus and creativity, they are also great for attracting love and boosting confidence.

Emeralds are soft stones and can break so it is important to take care and never clean the stones with any harsh cleaning processes.



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