March Birthstone: Aquamarine & Bloodstone

March Birthstone: Aquamarine & Bloodstone

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People born in March are lucky enough to enjoy two very compelling options for birthstone jewellery. Both very different to each other in appearance but both offer desirable qualities. 

If you're looking for march birthstone qualities and healing properties then read on

AquamarineMarch Birthstone: image


This stunning light blue stone is the aquamarine. Getting its name from the latin word Aqua, meaning water, and marine, meaning sea.

It's oceanic hue can vary from greenish blue to blue-green. Though the darker stones are considered the rarest and are therefore very valuable.


According to legend, the Romans of ancient times believed aquamarines washed ashore from the sea after falling from jewel boxes that belonged to the sirens. They believed these beautiful gemstones were sacred to the God of the sea, Neptune.

Throughout history aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids. Sailors used the stone as a talisman to bring good luck on the open waters. The gem was used as a symbol of protection and fearlessness too.

Now this stone is viewed as one connected to openness, happiness and protection.

It's a great stone for overcoming anxiety, particularly within communications. It is also a calming stone and can be used to regulate hormones and growth.

Mined mainly in Brazil.


March Birthstone: image


Generally found embedded in rocks or riverbeds as pebbles this dark-green gemstones with vivid red flecked spots is easily recognisable. Also sometimes identified as Heliotrope, a word from the ancient Greek that means “to turn the sun.” 

It may not have the same beauty as the aquamarine but is a valued gemstone for its properties and symbolisms.


According to legend, the first bloodstone occurred during the crucifixion of Christ. 

Supposedly, as a Roman soldier plunged his spear into Christ’s side, blood dripped down onto some deep green chalcedony stones and formed the very first bloodstone in existence. 

Some people in the Middle Ages believed that the red specks in the stone were the blood of Jesus Christ 

It was believed to have heavenly healing powers gifted by the gods and most certainly when it came to healing all things related to the blood.  

It is a dramatic stone which is tied to a more painful past.

Now, the stone is still valued as one of the most sublime healing crystals. it is long believed to help release toxins from the body, supports blood flow and aids in the circulation. This is why it is a powerful stone for women during their reproductive years because it is associated with the biological birthing procedure. It is claimed to help avert miscarriages. 

It's a protective stone that deflects negative environmental energy and also represents courage. In Feng Shui it protects the home from evil spirits and forces, and energises every space in the house. 

Any bloodstone jewellery will protect you from any internal or external threats.

Mined in Brazil, India and Australia. 

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