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Learn How To Make Jewellery | A List Of Educational Books

Learn How To Make Jewellery | A List Of Educational Books

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Are you interested in learning how to make jewellery but maybe don't have the budget to pay for classes? 

As a self taught jewellery designer myself, I thought I'd put together a little post showing you the books that helped me learn right at the very beginning, and continue to help me still to this day. 

That's the great thing about owning books, you can always refer back to them down the line.

Depending on what kind of jewellery you are interested in learning, there is a different book. My selection covers anything from beading for beginners to silversmithing.

So let's get into it.

First up

Complete Beading For Beginners 

This book is great to learn the techniques into beading and will show you how to make a vast amount of different items from necklaces to bracelets but also brooches and dream catchers too!



*Find this book HERE

Making Jewellery With Gemstone Beads


A step up after learning the basics of beading. This book is stunning. It is filled with projects that are detailed with great photography. A comprehensive guide into a wide range of gemstones.

gemstonessemi precious

*Find this book HERE

Indian Silversmithing


This one's for the native american jewellery lovers. Expect projects on making money clips, concha buttons, neckerchief slides, as well as of course, rings, bracelets and much more.

Inside is filled with beautifully hand drawn illustrated drawings and pictures


*Find this book HERE

The New Encyclopedia of Jewellery Making Techniques


This is a great book to start learning lots of different jewellery making techniques. It will show you different techniques and also working with different metals as well as metal clay and acrylics.

techniquesHow to make jewellery

*Find this book HERE

*The above Links are affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks.

I hope this list was helpful and inspires any budding jewellery designers out there. 



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