June Birthstone: Pearl | Alexandrite | Moonstone

June Birthstone: Pearl | Alexandrite | Moonstone

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There are three months out of the year that are lucky enough to get three birthstones to choose from and June is one of them.

The very attractive choices of Birthstones for june are pearl, alexandrite and moonstone.


The more traditional birthstone for June.

Pearls are unique, being the only gemstone to come from a living creature. Created as a result of irritation in oysters and freshwater mussels. 

They signify faith and have a very soothing and calming energy. They are believed to enhance integrity, concentration and focus, as they carry the lucid movement of water within them, they invite you to find your own balance and direction.

Pearls have a history of romance and having been a fashion staple for many powerful women.

Their light, glowey hue is associated with light and purity.

Therefore, the pearl birthstone stands for innocence and sincerity. If you wear it as your birthstone, it is said to bless new life beginnings – like marriage, house moves and babies etc with love and luck.

That is also why the pearl is such a popular wedding accessory/traditionally given as wedding gifts.

Ceremony Bracelet

Ceremony Bracelet


A pretty and elegant bracelet featuring a vintage brass filigree pendant sourced from the US. Fresh water pearls on a 14K gold filled rolo chain sourced from London's Hatton Garden.  1% of this order will be donated to the Greeneration Foundation. Contributing… read more

Pearls require a special bit of care. Store them separately from other gemstones and metal jewellery to prevent scratching. Apply Perfume, lotions etc before your pearl jewellery and allow to dry. 

Twisted Pearl Earrings

Twisted Pearl Earrings


Hand twisted gold filled wire earrings with a medium sized freshwater pearl. As these are made by hand, each pair will be slightly different making for your very own unique pair. DETAILS & SIZE 14k Gold Filled Fresh Water Pearl … read more


A unique colour gemstone. Often described as “emerald by day, ruby by night”, alexandrite is the very rare colour-change variety of the mineral chrysoberyl, which means that it appears as a different color depending on its setting.

Alexandrite is known to bring balance between your physical manifest world and the unmanifest astral or spiritual world. It strengthens your intuition, boost your creativity, and unleash your imagination.

It can be used to remind you of your purpose in life. If you're feeling a little lost in life it is a great stone to bring you back to your path and guide you towards the path of hope, happiness, and light. It gives you energy to find your way out of a bad situation.

Few gemstones are as mysteriously compelling as alexandrite. They make a perfect unique engagement ring option for those who prefer to be more unique and look for something more one-of-a-kind. 


Another stunning stone, the moonstone is also a stone for new beginnings and has a pearly opalescent colour with a moonlight sheen. 

In many spiritual traditions the moonstone represents divine femininity and cultivates compassion and empathy. 

This goddess stone reminds you to be grateful for your current blessings and helps bring your visions to life helping you to achieve your dreams and goals.

It is believed to relieve stress and provide emotional healing, opening up the heart chakra to clear heavy emotions. 

Wearing moonstone will help to attract positive energy, calmness and manifesting your goals.

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