How To Store Jewellery Without Spending A Fortune

How To Store Jewellery Without Spending A Fortune

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Ideally you'll want your beautiful treasured jewellery kept organised and neatly. 

Not only will this look nicer and help you organise your jewellery but it will keep your pieces in better condition.


Do you find yourself losing jewellery around your house? Or searching through intertwined piles of jewellery while looking for your desired pieces?

Here are some simple and cost effective ways to store your jewellery. 


1. Store your everyday pieces in bowls and trinkets:

Jewellery StorageJewellery StorageJewellery Storage

This is one of my favourite ways of storing my jewellery. Soap dishes are great and any little trinkets and even small sauce bowls you might find in your kitchen. The trick is to keep it minimal, you want to be able to see and pick up your jewellery easily.


2. Crystals

Jewellery Storage

I know you'll have crystals galore lying around the house and this is another lovely way to display your jewellery. I also display some pieces in large shells too. The best crystals are ones with nice points like this one. Just bear in mind this one can be a little fiddly. 


3. Using Ornaments Around The House


Try experimenting with hanging some of your necklaces or bracelets off things you already have. Anything from mirrors, picture frames, glass jars or small vases. Any hooks or nails in the wall too.


4. Trays & Neck Stands


If you're happy to spend a little on displays then I'd recommend getting some nice trays and neck stands. These are better also for your finer more expensive pieces.

* I found these on Etsy

If you like DIY you could also try making your own displays out of wood.

*There are also some reasonably priced jewellery trays you can find on Amazon here:

Jewellery Trays

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