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April Birthstone: The Diamond

April Birthstone: The Diamond

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The traditional birthstone for April is the diamond. The name comes from the Greek word ‘adamas’, which means unconquerable and invincible.

Diamonds develop deep beneath the surface of the earth and some can take millions, even billions of years to materialise and are also the hardest known mineral on earth.

They are magical and romantic. They are often used to attract love, respect and emotional growth and often are identified with wedding engagements, while also cleansing the aura from negative energy. 

They signify strength and endurance and bring the wearer courage, boldness and good luck.

In ancient times, warriors and kings wore them to battle as a protective talisman.

Diamonds can be the ring of a lifetime but also an everyday, glamorous piece that adds joy and sparkle to your style.

What a precious stone to have as a birthstone.

People born in April, much like the prestige and deviness of the diamond are often the kind of people that are ambitious and can overcome great challenges when they set their mind to it and are cautious of who they give themselves away to.

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